About Us

Daisy Diva is a family run business selling natural skin care products for adults and children. Located in Yorkshire, in the heart of the countryside, our handmade products are enjoyed by newly found and returning customers who care about the ingredients they use in their everyday skincare routine.

As creator of the brand, I have been producing my own high quality skin care products since 2002,  after the birth of my first child. As a response to discovering the enormous and harmful amount of synthetic ingredients that go into baby products, and inspired by the environment I live in, I was motivated to create a range of naturally derived products to give to my family and friends.

My childhood was filled with adventures that tapped into the very heart of nature. Whether I was chasing rainbows, making daisy chains or building castles with sand and shells; my love for nature has influenced the lifestyle I lead today. Thus, Daisy Diva was born.

11 years on, and four product ranges later, I still prepare and blend my recipes by hand, using the finest botanically sourced ingredients to create environmentally friendly skin care ranges for all ages and skin types.

With Daisy Diva you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we offer you the very best in natural ingredients that nature has to offer. Our products are free of toxic ingredients including synthetic colours, fragrances, and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do creating them.

Signed Mandy Sue Allen