Daisy Dog & Co.


We’re very excited to introduce our new therapeutic Daisy Dog & Co. range, for owners who like their pet to smell like daisies in between bath days.

Introducing The Spritzer, a pocket sized bottle of refreshing spray to help condition, deodorise and soothe the skin and coat. Our odour eliminating sprays, available in two fragrances, create a healthy shine and softness as well as having essential benefits for your dog’s wellbeing. Using 100% natural ingredients, our easy to use compact size spray is ideal for your car, bag, or at home for times when your dog needs a quick freshen up.



A fragrance that has calming benefits; our Geranium and Vanilla odour-eliminating Spritz helps with skin irritations, repel fleas and acts as an antifungal agent, to leave the dog’s coat smelling fresh, nourished and moisturised.

Our antibacterial lavender and cedarwood spray is a natural flea repellent that includes Vitamin E Oil which helps to nourish and condition your dog’s coat. This effective spray is ideal for treating dermatitis of all types.